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As the winter months begin their dark lordship over our lives, The Meat Market is unrolling a plan to warm your cockles all season long.  To kick off January we have our very own first annual Sausage Fest, featuring a variety of our own house-made sausages, mustards and beer by our good friend and beer-master […]

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David Bouley and Jeremy!

You just never know who’s going to walk through our doors at The Meat Market! The Berkshires is a treasure-trove of  serious foodies:  from home-chefs, to food activists and professional restauranteurs. Last week the esteemed David Bouley made his second-stop-in to the shop to talk on camera with Jeremy about his latest project. Mr Bouley is a […]

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Open For Business

On August 29th, a Monday, we decided that enough was enough, it was time to open the doors. It was a blast, the food was gorgeous, and the customers enthusiastic (and understanding as our cash register was being installed as they began to stream into the shop.) We even had a friend stop by to […]

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Coming Soon!!!

Untitled from Barking Dog Farm on Vimeo. We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring our project into reality, and we are happy to say WE ARE ALMOST OPEN! Jeremy is putting the finishing touches on the space, and soon we can begin the very fun part where we fill the cases and […]

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Meet The Butcher

As we spread the word about the amazing foods that we will offer at The Meat Market, I am reminded that many people don’t have a direct experience in their past of shopping at a butcher shop, or of the assistance that a butcher can offer them in terms of meal planning, cooking instruction, and […]

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Holiday Traditions: Beef, Pork and Lamb Rib Roasts

A wonderful aspect of the holidays, most would agree, is gathering friends and family around the table. We can be culturally, regionally, and religiously defined by the dishes we share on the days between late November and mid January. Jeremy’s education and travels have engendered in him an intense curiosity about and passion for these […]

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A Taste For Thanksgiving

Tonight Jeremy and Emily will be on hand  for the screening of American Meat (a documentary film in production which explores the complexities and issues embedded in the highly debated practices of the American meat industry.) We will feature a sample of the sort of products that will be sold at The Meat Market. Jeremy’s hand […]

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Snout To Tail

The reasons for utilizing the whole animal are easy to grasp: Less waste, additional flavors, cost efficiency. Philosophy: the animal comes with all their parts, so out of respect for the creature, we should find use for as much of it as we can, which historically is exactly what happened. Currently, only about 30-40% of […]

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Sausage Making

I have been making sausages for years, starting at La Bruschetta in West Stockbridge in the 1990s. At that time customers were looking for novelties, which led to a recipe for seafood sausage with spinach and carrots in it: I served this in a course at the James Beard House in 1997. During the years […]

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The Business Case For The Meat Market

IV. Why the time is right for a retail butcher shop in Great Barrington This section will answer the questions: Why local? Why grass-fed and pastured raised? Why now? The Retail Opportunity Why timing is important Marketing The Meat Market will offer a selection of grass fed and pastured raised fresh meat products including beef, […]

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