Our Business is Evolving

We are honored to be a part of the vibrant agricultural economy of the Berkshires. The support we have received from this region and our local community has allowed us to evolve as a business, and as humans (Some of us can stand inches from fire all day without our skin melting off. It’s extraordinary). We recently expanded our Meat Market café into a full-service restaurant, Camp Fire, right next door to our butcher shop. We are excited to announce that the next phase of our evolution includes a physical makeover and some format changes for the butcher shop.

During this phase of our growth, the butcher shop will be temporarily closed for construction.

We realize this may be inconvenient, and perhaps downright depressing for some of our customers. We want to assure everyone that we are constantly working toward building a better, more sustainable business, not just for ourselves, but for the farmers we work with, and for our customers. We appreciate the continued support from customers while we forge ahead in some uncharted territories, and work hard to support local agriculture and a sustainable food system.

We are in the process of contacting our Meat Club members to explain these changes and what they can expect going forward. If you are a Meat Club member and have not heard from us yet, feel free to contact us any time by calling the shop or using the form at the bottom of this page. Our gift card holders can rest assured that their gift cards will be honored. Pre-orders will be fulfilled as scheduled. We will do our best to satisfy any requests during this construction phase.

To help satiate your meat tooth during construction, we will have a small case of our most popular products available in February inside our restaurant, Camp Fire (right next door to The Meat Market).

Fire Roasted Catering, and Camp Fire, will not be affected by these changes and will continue operations as usual.

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Are you going out of business?

Absolutely not. The Meat Market is simply changing its format. We started with the mission of supporting local agriculture and providing an outstanding product to our community.  We will continue to do just that.

Where the hell am I supposed to buy pasture-raised meat now?

From the Meat Market of course!  Our facility will still offer pasture-raised beef, either through our stocked retail case at Camp Fire or through a quarterly/biannual or annual subscription to our Meat Club (Sign up for our newsletter, above, for details about Meat Club.)  

Can I still buy meat from The Meat Market?

Without a doubt. Yes!

Where do I pick up my Meat Club shares?

At The Meat Market in Great Barrington. We will schedule pickups to be the last Sunday of each month. (Again, more details to come in a near-future newsletter.)

Can I join Meat Club during construction?

Absolutely! Use our order form to submit a subscription request. We will be informing our customers of Meat Club changes via newsletter and then we will update our website with the new information. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

How do I place a holiday order or special order?

Simply fill out our order form and someone from of our team will respond promptly.

What products will be available during construction?

We will do our best to offer a varying but consolidated selection of products.  Bacon, house-made sausages, ground beef and some cuts of pork, beef and even lamb.  We will also be offering our famous bone-broth, rendered lard, and tallow.

When you do you expect to finish construction?

We estimate that we will be completed with this phase by late spring, early summer. 

Will you still be hosting Sausagefest?!

Of Course!  Plan on it.  Information about the dates of our events will be posted in the coming months, but we now have Camp Fire to include in the festivities! Expect a once in a lifetime ‘Tour de Franks’.

How can I use my gift card if you aren’t open?

Though we won’t be open to public, we will be able to take customer orders via order form, and your gift card can easily be used to pay for that order.

Can I use my gift card at Camp Fire?

Unfortunately, our Camp Fire system will not accept our Meat Market gift cards.  But don’t worry, you’ll be able to use your gift card toward your Meat Club membership or a special custom order.

Can I still order charcuterie boards?

Of course. As with all custom orders, please use our order form, and we will do our best serve your catering needs.

I will die without your pâtés; will you still be selling them?

We will be offering a small selection of charcuterie through our retail case in Camp Fire. 

Can I still get bone broth?

No doubt!

Will you still be providing meat to Camp Fire?

Of course. Camp Fire has built their reputation on having the highest quality protein.

What can we expect when the renovations are complete?

You can expect warm and friendly service, meat of the highest quality, and access to New England’s bounty.  The space itself will change quite a bit, but as we transform our retail space into a manufacturing facility for dry-cured meats (more info on this to come), our focus will be to use part of our current space for cooking classes, demonstrations, and other community based events. The retail case will have moved to Camp Fire, and we hope while you’re enjoying that burger, that perhaps you grab a pound for the family to enjoy!

If we haven't anticipated your question or concern, please use the form below to contact us. To place and order or subscribe to Meat Club, please use our order form.

We truly appreciate your understanding and we want to hear from you. Thank you!

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